DreamHack in Melbourne 2023 is having a Blast

DreamHack Melbourne 2023 that started yesterday April 28 and will last till April 30 is having a blast on it's 2nd day!

Today starts the game tournament for the top esports games and well known fighting games. CS:GO with it's star studded Pro Teams will be fighting for the championship starting today till tomorrow while League of Legends all-star vs TSM showmatch will start in the afternoon.

Fighting games such as Smash Ultimate, Tekken 7, Street Fighter V, Dragon Ball Fighter Z and Guilty Gear Strive also have a part in this big event until the last day tomorrow.

Iconic Arcade games are also present in the event.

Gaming Brands also showcase their latest products in the event.

Well known brands such as ASUS ROG, GIGABYTE AORUS, RAZER, PREDATOR, AOC in partnership with Intel

Join this big event and win exciting prizes they offer, you can get the tickets here: https://dreamhack.com/melbourne/tickets/

You can also check more detail about DreamHack events and where will it be next, follow their social media page here: https://www.facebook.com/DreamHack 

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