Extraordinary speed, always with you, Crucial X9 Pro and X10 Pro SSD mobile hard drives

Whether you are working or traveling, are you sometimes troubled by the capacity limitations of recording tools such as mobile phones, cameras, and laptops?

Maybe you can carry a mobile hard drive to cope with situations due to insufficient capacity, but when you carry an ordinary mobile hard drive up and down the mountain, are you always afraid of carrying it because of its fragile electronic product characteristics? Either you are afraid of accidentally breaking it, or you are afraid of water or sand getting in in the wild outdoors in the suburbs, and you are also worried about accidentally losing it because of its compact shape? If you want to have the ability to resist impact and be waterproof and dustproof at the same time, the size will be bulky.

Do you crave a large-capacity storage media that is lightweight, easy to carry, fast in transmission, hardware-encrypted, able to withstand shock and shock, and also has certain dust-proof and waterproof capabilities?

Introducing Crucial X9 Pro and X10 Pro SSD mobile hard drives to you

Crucial X9 Pro—Designed to meet your needs

Crucial X9 Pro has IP55 waterproof and dustproof technology and a drop height of up to 7.5 feet / 2 meters1, so you are no longer restricted by the environment when working and traveling. You can safely carry it with you to express your creativity and record. your life.

In terms of appearance, Crucial X9 Pro adopts an anodized aluminum shell and a soft-touch rubber base design, which not only has strength and heat dissipation performance, but also has a hand-to-hand feel. With a weight of 38g and a compact size of 65 x 50 mm, it is almost invisible when carried, allowing you to move more freely.

In addition, there is a lanyard hole design combined with the status indicator light. You can purchase lanyards as you like and tie them to your backpack or any personal accessories. This not only adds personal style but also reduces the risk of accidental loss.

The transmission interface adopts USB 3.2 Gen2 (10Gb/s) specifications, providing reading speeds of up to 1,050 MB/s and writing speeds of 975 MB/s. It is powerful and can be edited directly on the SSD, allowing you to continue to work efficiently. Get the job done. Available in 1TB/2TB/4TB capacity models, the high plug-and-play compatibility allows you to switch between Windows, Mac, tablets, mobile phones, and even PlayStation® and Xbox® game consoles2

Crucial X10 Pro - Extraordinary speed, true control

Crucial X10 Pro also has IP55 waterproof and dustproof technology and can withstand drops up to 7.5 feet / 2 meters1. At the same time , the transmission interface has been upgraded to USB 3.2 Gen2 2x2 (20Gb/s) specifications, with high read and write speeds. It has even been improved, providing a reading speed of up to 2100 MB/s and a writing speed of up to 2000 MB/s. Transferring large-capacity files is only a snap!

While the speed is extremely improved, the weight of the Crucial X10 Pro is almost insignificant. It has the same compact size of 65 x 50 mm and a lanyard hole design combined with a status indicator light. The size can be grasped in one hand and the weight is only 42g!

The appearance is provided with a more low-key black anodized aluminum shell and a soft-touch rubber base design, which not only has strength and heat dissipation performance, but also has a hand-to-hand feel.

Crucial X10 Pro is available in 1TB/2TB/4TB capacity models and has the same extremely high compatibility between devices, allowing you to plug and play, allowing you to quickly handle workloads without frame drops, and even Edit, modify and render directly on the SSD.

The Crucial X10 Pro is designed for those who want the ultimate in speed.

Both Crucial X9 Pro and Crucial X10 Pro support password protection and 256-bit AES hardware encryption to protect sensitive data in the studio, on the go, or while traveling3 . Both provide a 5-year limited warranty, and after purchase and registration, you can enjoy 1 month of Adobe® Creative Cloud All Apps Plan 4 for free to add more creativity to your wonderful life!

  1. Withstands drops from heights up to 7.5 feet/2 meters onto carpeted floors without affecting data.
  2. Needs to be formatted into a file system supported by the host device. Older systems require a separate USB Type-A adapter.
  3. Works with Bitlocker To Go for Windows and FileVault for macOS. The Crucial Portable SSD Utility app for Windows and macOS will be available in September 2023.

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