REVIEW - ROG Swift OLED PG27AQDM - Your gateway to OLED goodness

OLED has been getting more and more attention in the Tech World since last year and today every thing with screen will have an OLED version as a flagship model. 

In this review we will try and test one of the OLED monitor from Republic of Gamers and this could be the gateway for you to get your own OLED monitor.

Disclaimer that the unit in this review was lend to us by ASUS Philippines for testing and review but have no influence on what we will write about it.

As per Republic of Gamers, this monitor has the most fastest refresh rate available last year 2023 with 240hz at 1440p resolution.

The ROG Swift OLED PG27AQDM is currently priced at PHP 62,495 at IT World in Lazada. We can say that this OLED monitor are for enthusiasts that has more budget than usual.


Comparing to other OLED models that Republic of Gamers offer, the PG27AQDM doesn't have a speaker out feature which is a must have for us. Its a bongker if you are watching a good movie without great sound right?


Inside the box are the usual cables you can see in a monitor package, one (1) DisplayPort cable, one (1) HDMI cable, one (1) USB cable, the power cable and the power adapter. 

Though a good thing about the OLED package is a pouch bag that encase the cables of the monitor.

In the package also includes an one (1) ROG logo and one (1) blank circle for the light effect on the bottom part of the monitor stand, and a vesa mount if you want to mount the monitor on a monitor arm.


The ROG Swift OLED PG27AQDM has an aesthetic design due to its much thinner panel, thinner than a regular notebook.

ROG also boost their large custom heatsinks with intelligent voltage optimization reducing the risk of OLED burn-in and ensure its longevity. This is one of the sickness an OLED panel have especially for Desktop PCs or Laptop that has static desktop view comparing to TVs.

Its ergonomic stand has 4-way stand and has a tripod hole on top for webcams or streaming cameras and the design is looks more premium compared to the other none OLED models. The "Swift" logo also has light on it though not RGB, but men it does say Gaming Monitor even at the back.

The OSD menu button also got a new placement and new setup, this is the same as their 42" and 48" OLED monitors that got released much earlier than the PG27AQDM.

And an ROG Swift monitor won't be a flagship lineup without the ROG logo that light up the bottom part of the stand.


The ROG Swift OLED PG27AQDM, has the highest refresh rate in the market for OLED monitors when it got released which is 240hz but in 1440p resolution line. The older brothers ROG Swift OLED PG48UQ and PG42UQ has 138hz in 4k resolution.

The size (27") and refresh rate (240hz) of this monitor is the sweet spot for gamers who are playing first person shooters or FPS games such as Valorant, CSGO 2, APEX Legend, COD and more, allowing the user to have a more immersive game play, and since most are playing either 1080p or 1440p, the ROG Swift OLED PG27AQDM is the perfect for this type of player. Adding the great quality of image and color production from an OLED panel, this monitor is also perfect for AAA games, allowing the players maximize the best quality of the game.

Having the 99% sRGB and 130% DCI-P3 color space support, the ROG Swift OLED PG27AQDM offers a much more rich color to images and videos, making it perfect for watching movies or just binge watching your favorite series.


In conclusion an OLED panel on a gaming monitor is a major upgrade on your gaming experience with best image and video quality and high refresh rate. Adding up the intelligent voltage feature and custom large heatsink from ROG, the PG27AQDM indeed is the game ender 1440p OLED monitor. The only cons we can think of is the lack of speakers, though we understand that it can add up for the price, but it is already expensive so why not add more to complete the package right?

For the features and experience we mentioned before, we are giving out a Golden Award for the ROG Swift OLED PG27AQDM.

Our ratings for this gorgeous monitor are as follow: 10/10 for the design, 9/10 for performance and 8/10 for the price, we think that the lack of speakers on this price point is a turning point to make it a perfect score. Overall we give out the ROG Swift OLED PG27AQDM a 9/10 score.

Though we want to try the older brothers of this OLED monitor, unfortunately it will be too big for us to handle, we have seen some of its reviews and it is enormous. We also got news that more OLED monitors will come to market not just from ASUS ROG but other brands as well. Hope we can also try them so we can have a comparison. 

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