Are you ready for Dota 2 Battle Pass 2022?

The all new Dota 2 Battle Pass for year 2022 has arrived and the community is getting crazy over it with new Arcanas.

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This years Battle Pass is a two-part style, with one part starts now (Sept 1 - Nov 2) to celebrate the upcoming The International 11 (TI11) and another will follow soon after its post-tournament season (Nov 3 - Jan 12, 2023). This also include the classic Diretide event.

Battle Pass 2022 is packed with new and familiar features which you can collect each level and there are two Arcanas, and two Personas you can collect.

One of the two Arcanas can be obtained at level 495. The Claszian Apostazy Faceless Void Arcana.

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It seems that Valve is going back memory lane with these new Arcanas. The second Arcana is still coming soon but it was teased on the website and can be obtained at level 383. The Void Strom Asylum Razor Arcana.

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Dota 2 also introduces Personas aside from its Arcana skin set that started last 2019 with Invoker getting the 1st Persona as adolescent star pupil, then Anti-Mage that turned Female, Pudge that became a fluff-stuffed toy, and The Dragon Knight and Mirana that got dressed based on the Netflix Anime Dragon's Blood.

Battle Pass 2022 introduce two new Personas, coming soon at level 296 is the Exiled Unveiled for Phantom Assassin turning her into a seems to be a man hunted by the Sisters of the Veil.

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At level 148 but part of Part II is Conduit of the Blueheart for Crystal Maiden, where the cute little pup from her 2015 Arcana grown into an either direwolf or legendary Pokemon.

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The classic Immortal treasures are also included that contain random ultra rare skin sets from various heroes. This year they have three Immortal treasures where 2 and 3 are both coming soon.

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Other collectible items from the Battle Pass are the taunts, sprays, consumables, emoticons, music packs, river vials that can change the substance and color of the river in-game, custom HUD, item effects and many more. 

But the most iconic part of the battle pass through out the years are the Chat Wheels that has been the most used product of the Battle Pass by the players. Most of these are sound effects and the most memorable sound pack of casters from previous tournaments.

With these jammed pack collectibles in-game items, Dota 2 Battle Pass has been the most awaited yearly update from the iconic esport game. 25% of every purchase prior to the conclusion of The International goes towards it's prize pool that break it's record each year. This significant achievement was so popular Dota 2 started to announce and make an update of its prize pool, every now and then.

This yearly update also make old players come back on playing Dota 2, making the esport game one of the most played game of all time.

How about you? Have you purchased your Battle Pass yet?

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