REVIEW - ASUS ZenScreen MB16AWP - When you say portable, it should be portable

The demand of a more portable secondary monitor has been a market for some tech brands offering different kind of portable monitors. With this, ASUS PH was able to lend us their own version of portable monitor that literally means portable monitor and you'll know why.

ASUS PH lend us this product but for disclaimer purposes, they don't have a say on what we will write about it.


We have received their wireless portable monitor from their ZenScreen lineup, the ZenScreen Go MB16AWP.

ZenScreen MB16AWP
                                                                ZenScreen Go MB16AWP

At first, you might think that this is a tablet just like the more popular Samsung Tab and Ipad but it isn't. It's main purpose is to be an additional display to your current setup whether it may be a desktop or laptop kind of setup with a twist. It can actually extend your display wirelessly, AMAZING!


Here are the technical specification of the MB16AWP portable monitor

Panel Size

15.6 inches

Aspect Ratio


Display Surface


Panel Type



1920 x 1080

Color Space

100% sRGB



Contrast Ratio


Display Colors


Response Time

5ms (GTG)

Max Refresh Rate







YES (1W x 2)

Physical Dimensions

35.79 x 22.48 x 1.15 (cm)


1.09kg (2.40lbs)

Wireless Projection





Since the box is not in a good condition, we ditch it on our unboxing experience but here are the accessories you can get when you purchase one.

  1. ZenScreen MB16AWP Portable monitor
  2. ZenScreen Sleeve
  3. ZenScreen Tripod hole cover
  4. USB-C Power adapter
  5. Power Cable
  6. HDMI Cable
  7. Mini HDMI to HDMI adapter
The ZenScreen MB16AWP portable monitor has the following ports.
  • 1x USB-C port (DP Alt Mode)
  • 1x Mini-HDMI port
  • 1x 2-in-1 Headphone Jack
  • 1x USB-C DC-IN port


This is actually the first time we have encountered a second display that can wirelessly project its display. The ZenScreen MB16AWP can project your display wirelessly with the help of Miracast and WiFi connection embedded on it.

For desktop PCs and Laptops with Windows operating system it can project the display with the operating systems Miracast feature. How is it done? Here's how:

On the ZenScreen MB16AWP, you need to also change the input setting via on screen display to "Wireless"

For Windows 10 and latest, all you need to do is press the "Windows" Key + "K" to open the wireless connection. Then select the MB16AWP portable monitor

Once connected, you can choose either you want the portable monitor to have a duplicate display, extended or second screen only which is the same if you connect a second display on a desktop or laptop but this time it's wirelessly connected.

This kind of setup is perfect for people on the go that need more than one display or making a presentation or business proposals with a client or guest in a restaurant or coffee shop.


Yes, your thoughts are right, you can also use the ZenScreen MB16AWP on your mobile device. This portable monitor supports both Android and iOS.

Here's how you can connect your device:

Change the input setting on the MB16AWP to "Wireless" just like how you did it connecting to a desktop or laptop.

On the mobile device, this is for both Android and iOS, first you need to connect to the MB16AWP via WiFi connection. Once connected, you can use the "Share Screen" button. Though I don't have an android phone lying around to try, so the image below only shows wireless connectivity on an iPhone.

The only cons on wireless connection on a mobile device is that you can no longer connect to your Internet Wifi since this mobile phone need the wifi connection to the portable monitor, if you need internet connection while you connect wirelessly to the portable monitor, you need to use your mobile data.

We have tested the latency with the wireless connection and we have no problems with it, it also support the audio even connected wirelessly, you can see it on our video below. Play it on 4K to fully see its image and audio capability.


We also used the portable monitor the normal way which is wired connection but this time we also tried to use it as a primary display for a desktop.

For the wired connection, aside from changing the input settings of the ZenScreen MB16AWP, you also need to connect the Mini-HDMI to HDMI adapter to a regular HDMI cable or you can use the USB-C connection that this device supports with video and audio all together with modern laptops and mobile phones.

One good thing about this portable monitor is that you can connect it directly to a mirrorless or DSLR monitor providing you a more bigger view of your shots, to make sure the sharpness of your shots are where you need it to be and if you are with your clients you can also let them see the shots right away.

Another feature that makes this device more portable is the Tripod hole it has at the back with a standard size of 1/4-inch, making it versatile to mount on a camera tripod.


Here what you can see on the monitor settings so you can customize the portable monitor.

The ZenScreen MB16AWP offers a quick setting to change the its image quality, it has several modes such as the sRGB that prioritizes the color space support of the monitor and the basic mode that you usually see on most display products such as TVs, monitors, etc.

You can also see other basic monitor setting you can customize just by pressing and navigate the 5-key joystick on lower left part of the portable monitor.

Since it has its own battery with 7800mAh, you can see the battery percentage as well on the on-screen-display together with the resolution it is using and the refresh rate. Speaking of battery, it can last for roughly around 3 to 3 and a half hour.


Having a secondary monitor is not a requirements but most of the time, it makes your work life more easier and efficient. The ASUS ZenScreen MB16AWP is an option for either the primary or secondary monitor for your desktop, laptop and even your mobile phones. Its wireless connectivity gives if more easier to use and clutter free especially if you are always on the go. Having multiple connectivity option also makes it our top choice for the portable monitor category for its versatility and the audio quality is also decent.

We are giving the ASUS ZenScreen MB16AWP a Silver Award for its versatility and ease of use, the tripod hole at the back is also a plus but price wise it we can buy a high refresh rate monitor with it. Here in the Philippines its SRP is around 32,000 PHP

  • Wireless Connection
  • USB-C with Display port
  • Built-in Battery
  • with decent Speakers
  • Price point can buy a high refresh rate monitor
  • Mini HDMI port instead of micro-HDMI
We are rating the ASUS ZenScreen Go MB16AWP an 8/10 mainly due to it's price point here in Philippines since we all know that there are a lot of monitor manufacturers that can offer the same specs with lower price.

How about you? have you tried a portable monitor as your secondary monitor? or have you tried a wireless portable monitor? let us know if the comment section your experience using them.

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