REVIEW - Musso Navigator Series Model 2 - Gaming Chair

There are a lot of gaming chairs available not just in physical stores but also online that makes your buying decision get clouded by what to choose.

Gaming chairs has been a trend these past few years as a staple chair when you have an office or gaming setup at home. Long are the days we use the most affordable and epic monobloc chairs and stools.

In this review we will give you an idea on what the brand Musso has to offer when it comes to giving you the most comfortable experience in front of your laptop or computer. 

Disclaimer, we bought the gaming chair out of our own pockets and want to share our experience on owning one of the talked gaming chairs in the market today.

Musso brand has been popular here in the Philippines since the pandemic, but based on their website they have been selling gaming chairs since 2017 where they offer it in North America and Southeast Asia region.

Getting a gaming chair today here in the Philippines is a must have with a lot of influencers promoting different brands and showing features that we never thought we need.

There are a lot of brands of Gaming Chair you can choose from, even the giant tech companies also offer their own version of gaming chair and promote their "themed" products and within those brands they also offer a lot of model for you to choose from.


We got the most basic model Musso can offer, here are the reasons why:
  1. We don't need that much features from a gaming chair, we just want a comfortable chair to sit on
  2. We want to know if even the most basic and affordable model can offer you comfort on long hours sitting
  3. Musso's ads are always reminding us to get that particular model
  4. The price got more affordable because of the 12.12 sale, so we grab it
  5. It has free lumbar and head support
We say it is basic and affordable because it is affordable, we got it at a price of PHP 3,999.00, you can check this LINK


We purchased the Musso Navigator Series Model 2 gaming/office chair. This model offers a fabric or leather cover and we got the fabric version. Compared to other models they offer, the Navigator Model 2 offer only the following features. It can recline from 90 degrees up to 130 degrees and rocking of up to 18 degrees. When it comes to arm rest it is fixed but that is fine as we will only use it more than 3-4 hours a day.

Other option from this model offers a foot-rest but it will have additional cost and we actually don't need it with the current setup we have.

It comes with a lumbar that supports your lower back and a head rest that is consist of a soft sponge, same material you can see on a bed foam or a cushion sofa.

One good that we noticed about the gaming chair is that they placed a zipper area on the lumbar, headrest and the back rest, allowing you to wash it if it gets dirty.

The back rest has a perfect shape to support your back and with the help of the lumbar and head rest pillow, it make you comfortable on a long period of time.


Here are the parts of the Navigator Series Model 2 Gaming Chair.

The wheels are sturdy and doesn't feel cheap compared to other office chairs you can buy online that you know is plastic. The feet support where you also place the gas cylinder is steel with a sturdy composition allowing the chair to support up to 140kgs of weight.

It has 5 steel feet and as mentioned it also has a class 4 gas cylinder that adjust the height of the chair up to 5-inches up. The multi-tilt mechanism is also sturdy enough to support you when you recline that 140kgs up to 130 degrees which you can't find on any cheap office/gaming chair.

The reclining switch can be found both under left and right arm rest. The padding on both sides have the same quality as the lumbar and headrest which is more comfortable that the 4D type of gaming chairs in our opinion, allowing you to stay comfortable in long hours of either digging on your excel files or just grinding on your favorite online games.

The area where you sit on has a hip support to keep you from slouching or even if you do, it will keep you comfortable. The backrest on the other hand has a slight inner curve on the side that you can usually see on a gaming chair for a much comfortable sitting position.

Setting it up is easy, the instruction manual is straight forward, you just need to logically count the screws to determine which is which since it doesn't have a label (see the image above package for the screws and the free allen wrench).

We were able to finish to set it up around 13-20 minutes.


Sitting on the Musso Navigator Series Model 2 is a whole different level compared to a plastic mono bloc and comparing to a cheaper office chair we bought online before - that only last for 6 months.

The arm rest has a good height that its comfortable in-line with our office desk.

The material we chose (fabric) is good enough for us even if we don't use air conditioning, it is not that sweaty to use compared to a leather type of materials. One of our editors can even do Indian sit on it comfortably. She doesn't want the headrest by the way, which is she placed it backwards.


Musso offers a wide variety of gaming chairs from the most affordable Navigator Series to the high-end Throne Series and with either PU Leather material or like the one we got, the Fabric. They also offer different themed version of their gaming chairs you can choose from. When it comes to warranty, they have 2 years limited warranty which is good enough for a chair, but please note that they will not cover the wear and tear or deformation of PVC leather/linen fabric.

When it comes to price to quality, we can say that the Musso Navigator Series Model 2 gaming chair is good deal comparing to the other cheap gaming chair you can find online. We have been using the chair for a month now and we haven't found any faulty yet and by far being comfortable when playing Diablo IV and grinding over Dota 2.

Here at All of the Above we will give the Musso Navigator Model 2 a Silver badge for making our money worth its price.

For our ratings, we give it a 10/10 for Price (grinning smile since we got it on sale), 10/10 for comfortability, this is after a month of use, we might update you after a year or two maybe if we are still using it or Musso might send us a higher-end Throne to test out (maybe). Features wise, we understand that the price point can give us as much so we we give it a 7/10, reason to this is it could be better if the seat cover can also be remove for us to clean and also the arm-rest.

Overall the Musso Navigator Model 2 is a 9/10 rating from All of the Above.
You can check Musso on their website (Musso PH) and their Lazada shop where we purchase their Navigator Model 2 (Musso Lazada). Their Facebook page here (Musso Philippines).

How about you, what gaming chair have you used so far? and how is your experience? Have you tried the Musso brand as well? Let us know in the comment section and if you have questions, don't hesitate to ask us.

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