MSI partner with Opera GX to create special branded GX MSI Edition ahead of CES 2024

MSI and Opera GX create immersive co-branded browser experience and fully customizable MSI Mod, with a playable live wallpaper game featuring brand mascot Lucky the Dragon.

The world’s leading PC gaming hardware brand, MSI, has partnered with Opera GX, the browser for gamers to create a unique browser and interactive content experience for fans of MSI’s and Opera GX 's products and services.

“Our partnership with MSI has enabled us to once again create a truly engaging branded browser experience for one of the most renowned hardware brands in gaming,” said Mattijs de Valk, VP of Business Development Gaming at Opera, adding: “The GX MSI browser ensures that users stay connected with MSI brand and its products and services in a fun and engaging way – while browsing the internet with the best browser for gamers.”

The partnership with Opera GX is just the beginning of a series of upcoming activities.  First is the GX MSI Edition – a special co-branded version of the Opera GX gaming browser, including exclusive MSI-themed interactive backgrounds, music, sounds and content. GX MSI Edition comes packed with game-changing features, including CPU, RAM, and Network limiters, hundreds of customization options via GX Mods, and seamless integration with popular platforms like Discord and Twitch.

“In collaboration with Opera GX, renowned for its top-tier performance and distinctive custom features within the gaming browser realm, we strive to provide gamers with an exceptional partnership, delivering an unparalleled gaming experience and an array of unique choices.” said Ted Hung, the General Manager of the Computing and Display Business Unit.

The GX MSI Edition features also an animated version of MSI’s brand mascot, ‘Lucky’ the Dragon in his lair. Created using Live Wallpapers – a feature that morphs your browser into an interactive game, users can help Lucky grow from just an egg to a fully developed dragon. Using Game Strips – a feature which allows you to play game within Live Wallpaper or standalone – users must nurture Lucky to ‘level up’ and unlock new stages of the Live Wallpaper. Once users have completed the Lucky game, they can choose from a host of different MSI-branded wallpapers or keep the mascot in their browser. 

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