The first choice for e-sports upgrade CP, Micron launches Crucial DDR5 Pro 6000 non-binary e-sports memory

As a long-established original manufacturer, Micron continues to strive for excellence and innovation and progress, and launches products one after another that meet the needs of users. This year, Micron Crucial has brought a new Pro series of gaming products, which not only maintain consistent performance stability, but also provide players with higher-end performance.

And now Micron Crucial has once again launched a new Pro series of gaming memory - "Micron Crucial DDR5 Pro 6000"

Advantages remain, speed upgraded

Micron Crucial Pro DDR5 also eliminates the trouble of manual overclocking, adjusting timing, selecting particles, LED light damage, etc. It provides a low-profile black aluminum radiator with a matte texture that quickly dissipates heat, making the memory stable without reducing frequency.

Supporting the incredible speed and huge bandwidth required by next-generation multi-core CPUs, your system can multi-task more smoothly, load data, analyze, edit, and render faster. Each module supports Intel® XMP 3.0 and AMD EXPO™, allowing you to freely use both platforms.

This time, Crucial Pro DDR5 memory maintains the advantages of the Pro series while providing 6000MT/s specifications! It is 1.88 times faster than the previous generation DDR4, allowing you to play games at a higher frame rate, analyze data more quickly and deeply, improve productivity to save time and money, and significantly reduce delays caused by heavy workloads. Of course, it also supports the use of Intel® XMP 3.0 or AMD EXPO™ when up to four memories are plugged in to easily restore performance, allowing you to enjoy higher-speed native JEDEC memory.

Non-binary capacity, CP value preferred

As the demand for memory capacity becomes higher and higher, the situation where 8GB*2 was enough in the past is gone forever, and now 16GB* 2 can only be regarded as a basic requirement.

If you choose according to the old binary capacity specifications, users who require more than 32GB and less than 64GB will be in a very awkward situation. If 32GB is not enough, they will have to jump to 64GB. At this time, not only is the capacity a bit wasteful, but the price is also It will be much higher.

This time, in addition to the speed upgrade, Micron Crucial Pro DDR5 also launched new non-binary capacity specifications in terms of capacity - 24GB*2 and 48GB*2 sets.

Under such capacity specifications, it provides more choices for users with different needs, and it is also more affordable economically. You can truly choose a memory combination according to your own needs. In addition , this new capacity specification also supports the performance recovery function of Intel® , giving you not only a budget-saving option, but also a more efficient matching option!

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