REVIEW - North Bayou H100 - Your supporting Arm for Home and Office monitor setup

Monitor arms has been popular with the rising demand of computer setup at home. Whether you are team laptop or team desktop pc and even team console, having a monitor arm is a staple for most if not all at home setups.

In this review, we will tell you our experience in using one of the popular monitor arm in the Philippines you can buy today, the North Bayou Monitor Arm, we purchased the H100 model that can support 22-inch up to 35-inches of monitor size.

Disclaimer, we bought the gaming chair out of our own pockets and want to share our experience on owning one of the most talked monitor arm in the market today.


We have seen a lot of different brands when we look for a monitor arm we can buy, but North Bayou has a lot of buzz among the online reviewers that has good quality compared to other brands.

As we research on the brand, North Bayou came from Hongjie Electronics in China that is specialized in designing and manufacturing range of ergonomic TV, monitor stands sit-stand interactive workstations, desktop cylinder stands and mobile carts for office and home entertainment.



We got the H100 model for we only intend to review monitors ranging from 24-inches up to 32-inches, maximum would be 34-inches due to space restriction of our desk setup.

On the package you will get the following:

Aside from the parts and manual, you will also get some tools for you to setup the monitor arm, though the Philips Screw Drivers is not included on the package.

The H100 model has 2 installation option out of package, the Clamping method which is the traditional way of using a monitor arm and the Grommet method that installs the monitor arm in the grommet hole of your desk table.


Setting up the H100 is easy when you read or follow the instruction manual, with its weight because of the materials used, it is a bit of a challenge to install it on our desk because of its location that is near the wall. Our tip is to add 3 to 5-inches space between the wall and your desk to allow the monitor arm to move freely and installing it more easier.


We have used the other monitor arm before that can support 2 monitors, the Ansen Monitor mount Bracket.

The reason why we switch to North Bayou is because the Ansen monitor arm even if it supports 2 monitor, we cannot adjust 1 monitor without the other, as you can see on the image above, both arms are connected so when moving the monitor they need to be together and on same height. This is our old monitor setup, we are using two 27-inch monitors.

As you can see even if the old Ansen monitor arm has accessories to keep the cables, it is not sturdy enough to handle multiple cables. We also remove the other monitor since the arms of our old monitor arm has limited ways to move.

Our new monitor setup now is more tidier with the cable management feature of the North Bayou H100.

The C-Clamp is also bigger making the H100 more sturdier even if we mount a 35-inch monitor.

The cable routing area is also more secure and strong enough to hide multiple cables. Additional tip is to add 10-20mm allowance on managing your cable tightness. This will make your setup more free to move on what ever angle you make it.

The NB H100 monitor arm also allows us to change the direction of the monitor from left to right without hassle.

It also allows us to pivot our monitor up to +90° and -90°.

Tilt is also available using this monitor arm, and height adjustment is up to 260mm


The North Bayou H100 is a high rating and high review monitor arm in the market today because of its reputable build quality and has features that its competitor doesn't have, allowing you to enjoy and maximize the space you have on your desk.

Even though we haven't tried it yet on a more larger size monitors, we think that it can handle it with the build quality it has.

We got the North Bayou H100 at a price of PHP 1,182 for a single arm support, we can say it is worth it, and here at All of the Above, we will give it a Gold Award for making our money worth it.

For the ratings, we give it the following: 8/10 for build quality, we think there is a more lighter yet sturdier material to use. 10/10 for easy setup and plus the fact they provide you 2 options to use the monitor arm. 9/10 for the price to performance of the monitor arm and fast delivery on their online store.

Overall we are giving it a 9/10 overall rating.'

You can check other North Bayou products on their official Shopee Store:

They also have the 2 arm version and we will try that as well in the future, but for now we can recommend this H100 model for a single monitor setup. How about you? Are you interested with this kind of setup at home? We have seen this setup in icafes and computer shop as well.

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