A headset with superb bass quality!

Brand: ASUS
Model: ROG Strix Go BT
Color: Black

At first, I thought it would be uncomfortable to use this headset since I wear eyeglasses, but it isn't. Been using it for 3 hours while watching movies but did not experience any headache or the feeling of being squeezed. I like to listen to instrumental music like saxophone and using this headset satisfies me, it produces a tonally full sound. The bass quality is excellent that it makes my heart flutter while listening to the music I love.

I have been using it for 2 weeks but only charged once, estimately I used it 1-2hours per day for meetings, calls, watching videos, and music. When not in use at 5m30s, the headset automatically shuts down, which is not good for me while working since I have to switch it on again everytime I have an incoming call and when connected, I have to wait for 5-10 sec for the call to come through and to hear the other line. I have poor experience when in call, it's like the other line is under the water and sometimes broken, I am not sure if it's because of the signal of my internet or because the microphone is concealed.

It has 4 modes:
1 - Heavy Noise Cancellation (HNC)
2 - Light Noise Cancellation (LNC)
3 - Ambient Sound 
4 - Noise Cancelling Off

When listening to music, I tried to change to 4 different modes, but I cannot distinguish the difference, it sounded the same to me. While in game (Valor of Legends), on HNC mode, I cannot hear the sound of insects which is present in LNC mode, on Ambient sound - it's like the sound gets lower only.

For the weight aspect, 300g alone for the headset and estimate 500g together with the case, so it's like you have two (2) additional phones in the bag. It comes with a case so it's not messy having this in my bag. On the fashion side, in my opinion, won't look good with office wear since the headset is bulky and it ruins my hair. This headset will look better in streetwear/casual and sporty attire. 

Available in Lazada and Shopee.

Price range Php8,295.00-15,000.00



 All black headset and case make it simple but looks elegant. Foldable Design to fit in the case.




 Durable and adjustable headband, high quality of plastic ear cups, and very comfortable cushions.




 Pricey for me but considering the sound quality it provides, all good.




 Tonally full sound and excellent bass quality, recommended for music lovers.

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