REVIEW: Showing the toughness of ASUS new TUF Gaming Laptop A16

A lot of new laptops are in the market today, each offers high-performing components. Today,  we will review a new laptop from ASUS, their latest TUF Gaming A16 that was launched last March 2024. Let's see what the current features of their new laptop are and run some tests. 


ModelASUS TUF Gaming A16 FA607PI
ProcessorAMD Ryzen 9 7845HX
Graphics CardNVIDIA GeForce RTX 4070
RAM16GB (15.2GB Usable) DDR5-5200MHz 
Operating SystemWindows 11 Home


The ASUS TUF Gaming A16 is using an eco-friendly box as their packaging and some of the details were drawn at the back. 

The TUF Gaming A16 measures 355W x 252D x 31H mm and weighs 2.27kg (5 lbs.), its adapter is also quiet heavy at 640g without the cord. The color is Mecha Gray and the TUF logo was embossed on the laptop, a simple yet very cool design.

The keyboard is sleek, has RGB backlights, A-S-W-D keys were emphasized for game controls, separate numeric pad, and great thing is they have dedicated keys for volume and mic (including their app - armoury crate) which makes it easier for me to locate when having a meeting. The trackpad is quiet large measuring 13W x 7.7H cm. The monitor is 16" WQXGA, resolution of 2560x6100, 165Hz refresh rate with G-Sync that produces gorgeous visuals.

The material composition of this unit was not mentioned but the looks of it shows high quality materials were used. It was stated that it meets the MIL-STD-810H (US Military Grade), a test for vibration, impact resistance, high altitudes, and high and low temperatures. At the moment, I am not brave enough to drop this unit, maybe next time. 

The TUF A16 also features 4x4 PCIe Gen SSD slots up to 2TB that allows easy expansion and upgrades. Moreover, its RAM holds a high speed DDR5-5200MHz with total maximum capacity of 32GB.

Additional amazing features that I like is the improved cooling features, even though there are 4 exhaust vents and 5 dedicated heat pipes inside the unit, it's not really that loud when I played games. 


TUF Gaming A16 has a Bluetooth connection, Wi-Fi 6, 1x HDMI 2.1 port, 2x USB Type C, 2x USB Type A, RJ45, and 1x for Audio jack. It includes high-definition webcam (720p), high-res audio support, and two-way AI noise cancellation, less hassle for online meetings, and in-game calls. 

For the battery life, below graph represents the time for 3 types of activities. During work, I noticed that when the battery reaches at 20%, it automatically shifts to power saving mode.


Let’s look into the benchmarks of this unit to set your expectations. 


Using the HWMonitor application, below are the temperatures of CPU and GPU when in idle mode and at maximum usage.


And we are on the exciting part, the game section wherein we will test the TUF Gaming A16 on popular games.

Response Time

We also did try the monitor's refresh rate, which based on papers it is 165hz. 


Can you guess the price based on the specifications written above? The graphics card alone costs around Php35,000.00 while the processor is about Php16,000.00. Those 2 parts costs around Php51,000.00 already. Click the link below and see it for yourself.

You may also visit the page below for ASUS Cool for School promo and check their latest deals.


If you are looking into the design, I must say this laptop proves it coolness! The looks of it shouting high-valued item because of the high-quality material it was made and test of. I have a quite big and heavy hand when in-game, but this unit can carry me even when playing the whole day without worries it may get broken.

I would like to recommend this to the gamers, and those working related to heavy graphics designs as the laptop unit were composed of high performing processor, RAM, graphics card, and big display. For those working that doesn't need these heavy components, this is overkill, but if you have deep pocket, go ahead, it will be worthy!

Here are at All of the Above we have a new way to award our review products but have the same criteria. These are the scores we give the TUF Gaming A16 laptop.
  • 9/10 for design, even though it has great specs, it is still in the heavier side of the category
  • 9/10 for performance, with a processor of Ryzen 9 and graphics card of RTX 4070, you can definitely have an outstanding performance with this beast
  • 7/10 for the price, based on our research there are still other brands with same specs on a lower cost

So we categorize the TUF Gaming A16 as class B. Even though it has good performance on both work and games, it still has more cons than pros.

As mentioned above, we still recommend the TUF Gaming A16 as your daily driver for work an play and we are glad that we can have this high specs laptop in a TUF Gaming product line, though we hope the price will be a little bit lower.

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