When I was a kid, I thought that whenever it rains, God is crying. He pours the earth with his tears because people are not doing good things, abstaining from righteous deeds, and becoming more evil. Just as my grandmother always jokes to me, “The Lord is crying because you are a bad girl, so be good and it will not rain”. But in my mind, I love the rain so much. I wanted it, especially when it comes after a sunny day; it’s refreshing and makes me feel free. In fact, I even play with the rain and oftentimes take a bath in its cold drops.

Once, I dreamed of a place where the rain never stops but it really confused me. I have been dreaming for the Lord to cry endlessly. Did I dream of a place where people never stop doing evil things? Even though I knew that it was just my grandmother’s tale, I still believe on it, until the day of reality flashed before me. It is not true, rain happens naturally, but God can control it!

As I grew older, my mind became more aware of the things around. Every morning comes, every count of the raindrops, and every flower that bloom, there is always a thing that changes me. I’ve changed a lot; from the words I say and the acts I do. Even the most devastating belief that I have since childhood about the rain was transformed. Actually, it was on the time that God came to my life.

I can compare my life to the clouds that brought the rain. It falls when it couldn’t carry any water anymore. It is always turning into gray whenever it was heavy-laden and gives the people a sign to bring umbrella. But the great fact was that clouds did try it’s best to carry the great volume of water as it could, because it needs to undergo a certain process.

That was drastically similar to my life. I look ahead myself and see that it’s heavy-laden. I was drowning with problems and my mind couldn’t take it. On my own, I’d tried to carry it through, not noticing, every time I give my effort to solve it, it becomes harder until the minute of breaking down. And again, like water drops, I fall unexpectedly.

There were a question lasts in my mind which I think of while watching an interesting Korean movie. The movie was about the endless friendship of a quiet type boy and a jolly cute girl. There was a part on one of its best episodes by which the girl asked the boy on how the rain falls? She then asked the boy if the rain falls in drops or in threads. The boy had never replied until the movie ended, though, it’s a wonderful story.

It is a simple question but leaves wonder to anyone. My heart really wanted to know the answer so I stared one time by the window while it’s raining. But all I got is disappointment. I forgot that no one could ever capture the fall of rain though some took pictures while the rain looks dropping.

Looking back on my story, part of my precious life was just like the fall of rain. I couldn’t tell if it was dropping or threading. I couldn’t tell when it will stop falling but I am sure of one thing, there is always a purpose for everything. Although clouds seem to go with the blow of wind, it truly cares for the heavy water it carries until such time it was ready to fall at the right time and in the right place.

God always carries my life; He is the wind that makes me move. He goes with me in every second of my life. He helps me be strong by giving me problems and troubles. God is mighty to let me live with love and understanding. The only God I knew that help me carry everything with His strength and teach me how to trust the unseen things in my life. There is only God who brought me sunshine so I could face bright days after great falls. He is the God that I remember every time I stumble. He never cries on tales because of people doing evil things but He does let the rain fall to ease our pains. He made me know the word “trust”. instead of setting my mind on how my life falls, I would rather get myself up and keep on trusting Him because a cloud never lets days bluer. After I fall, I'm assured that there's a rainbow that will come. That was one of God’s great promises! I love and make it grow; my life which is colorful and bright. God is my wind, my sun, my rainbow, and my only life. He is my all in all.

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