WALK AWAY by Sojourner Kcy

 I found myself sometimes walking away;

My feet so cold, yet my heart becomes warmer at each step I take

I feel so captivated, yet my mind so free

Am I walking away from something I couldn't accept?

Or I was trying to find my own self-worth?

Neither of the two I say

I already found my worth;

Not from something or someone special,

Not on excitement or in the bucket of tears,

I found me because HE found me.

It was at the time when I chase my selfish dreams,

It was on the moment I felt so lost,

It was during the moment no one chose to be on my side,

It was that day when I was about to give life away,

Those were the perfect time, HIS timing. HIS chosen hour for me.

Few people understand who they are,

Several knew the means of their breath,

I've been like that before my friend;

The one who always got away,

The one who always run when she can do nothing

The one who does not know what she is here for

But now, I stopped walking and running from HIM

He embraces me at my worst, replenishes me at my best

Loves me at  my weakest, and holds me when I couldn't stand

The long time I've been chasing and dreaming

Has now been a sweet memory, as something I can always look back

Not to dwell on the past but to be reminded how I was before

I was lost. I've been found.

I was captivated by the world.. He set me free.

I was in the darkness. He gave me light.

I was walking. He leads my path.

I was dead. He gave me life.

"Now, walk away not to find your self-worth but find who you really are. Walk away, run, or even fly, nothing will be wasted if you go on the path He leads."

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